Alphaday - Data Aggregator Dashboard for the Goldfinch Community

Authors : Mike-Alphaday

Summary :
Alphaday builds crypto experience dashboards for enthusiasts, developers, and projects. Users can drag and drop from hundreds of services, news and social feeds, charts, and dapp functionality to create their daily workflows inside a single dashboard. This eliminates the need to have multiple browser tabs open to get different bits of information. i.e. imagine having token prices, gas prices, twitter feed, latest news headlines, TVL, borrowing rates and any other information any user could possibly want all within one single dashboard.

Motivation :
Crypto has exploded in popularity over the last 4-5 years and there is so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep up with everything. Our user research showed that users are overwhelmed with information and spend a lot of time jumping from one news source to another, from one social site to another, and usually have dozens of tabs open to stay up to date with everything happening in a community.

Specification & Requirements :
We would like to create a Goldfinch ecosystem dashboard that aggregates the following information into a single community dashboard:

  • The latest Goldfinch official announcements and blog post content.
  • A feed of all news mentions of Goldfinch from coindesk, cointelegraph and 20+ other news sources aggregated from across the internet.
  • A calendar containing all Goldfinch events including Goldfinch Proposal votes, meetups, hackathons with Goldfinch bounties, AMAs.
  • Podcast feed containing the latest appearances and interviews given by Goldfinch team members.
  • Youtube stream containing educational Goldfinch content.
  • Goldfinch Developer Docs directory.
  • Integration with Goldfinch Forum to show the latest and trending discussion topics.
  • Discord, Telegram, & Twitter Integration to show a feed of latest discussions.
  • FAQ, Whitepaper, GFI tokenomics information.
  • Goldfinch Careers integration to show the latest open jobs listed on Goldfinch.
  • Goldfinch metrics including TVL, repayment volume and other metrics pulled in from Dune Analytics and/or Defillama.
  • A widget featuring the Goldfinch roadmap with all the descriptions and links included.
  • Links and descriptions of services offered within the Goldfinch ecosystem.

Budget Breakdown:
1,000 USD upfront costs for development including integrating the discussion forums, blog post, social feed, jobs listing, TVL and other on-chain metrics.

100 USD per month for 12 months for maintenance including having an Alphaday content analyst quality-checking the dashboard every day and ensuring the Calendar widget is up-to-date with latest Goldfinch events, all news mentions across the internet are captured by the dashboard, any updates not automatically captured by the Alphaday aggregator engine is manually added to the board, and other maintenance tasks.

Total budget requested: 2,200 USD

Benefits :
We’ve done market research on users and currently people’s regular crypto workflows consist of jumping from one browser tab to another to check prices, read news, follow twitter, participate in discussions. A typical crypto user will have 6 to 10 open tabs at any given time and people have referred to Alphaday as the ‘tab killer’ because all the information you’d need across all your different tabs is available in Alphaday. In this sense, we do not have any direct competitor that can provide 50 different types of services and functionality within one dashboard.

Having said that, the Alphaday dashboard aims to generate user engagement & retention from the project’s perspective, as well as convenience (through saving time) from a user’s perspective.

Downside :
Building the Alphaday infrastructure was not easy as we pull so many different types of data from different sources. It took a team of 4 developers over a year building the engine that can pull the data, analyze it, and categorize and contextualize the data (i.e. understanding different crypto concepts like NFTs, DeFi, Staking) so that users can find it easier to navigate through all the information.
Now that it’s built, deployment risks are significantly reduced but there is always the risk that data sources and APIs will change and we will need to keep updating and maintaining these data sources.

Voting :
If voted ‘yes’ we will be communicating with the Goldfinch team to create the most fitting layout that serves the community. The dashboard will be ready within 2 months.

If we get a grant we will start working on the board immediately and we should have it ready within 2 months. Once we’ve launched the board, we will do user interviews and feedback sessions to tune the dashboard. We will continue this process of iterating, deploying, and collecting feedback continuously to build a dashboard that Goldfinch stakeholders truly love to use.

Furthermore, once we’ve created a Goldfinch dashboard, we will promote this across the Goldfinch community and start collecting feedback so that we can keep iterating and improving our dashboard. For us success is if a large number of Goldfinch stakeholders come to the Goldfinch dashboard to stay up to date with everything happening within Goldfinch and then use the available data as jumping off points into the various parts of the Goldfinch ecosystem. i.e. GFI holders using the board to finding trending governance topics to participate in, devs using the resource library to dive deeper into the technical documents, newcomers listening to the latest podcasts and exploring open job positions at Goldfinch.

In terms of concrete numbers, considering Goldfinch has 51K twitter followers and using this as a very crude proxy for community size, we would consider it a success if we could serve at least 2% of them on a monthly basis (1.01K MAU).

The grant work will result in a dashboard dedicated to serving the Goldfinch community by aggregating all relevant information about Goldfinch including media communities, on-chain metrics, Goldfinch docs, Goldfinch tokenomics into one place. Our desired outcome is to provide a new end-point for community engagement and to bolster Goldfinch’s outreach.

Resources :
Live Product:
Landing Page:

Pitch Deck:

Contact Email:

@Mike-Alphaday many thanks for creating this proposal, however we would appreciate it a lot if you stick to the whole governance procedure, following the governance guide and making some room-temperature on our discord server. Feel free to ping me in the :bulb:proposal-ideas channel there

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Looks interesting and the cost to build this also seems reasonable. I would support this.

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Hello @RP2743 ,

I have joined the Discord channel but I have no permission to send messages on Proposal Ideas..
Is there anything I need to do to enable it?

@Mike-Alphaday what’s your discord handle? Seems, that you didn’t complete the verification process.

@RP2743 My Discord handle is Mike33#4286.
I did go through some verification process, but perhaps I did not complete it properly.

@Mike-Alphaday have another go on discord. I manually adjusted your account settings to grant you access.

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The flaws look depressing (I’m familiar with the protracted debugging), but the multifunction panel sounds extremely attractive regardless of the risks (I often have 20+ tabs in my browser :smile:)

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Looks interesting. I would support this. :smile: :smile:

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Data aggregator dashboard looks extremely tempting, I will vote for

Looks like a cool idea, and the difficulty of mastering the new interface compared with the great convenience - do not consider it a minus

It looks delicious))

I agree, let’s keep an eye on the project

Hello everyone, thank you for all the feedback.

We are currently in talks with @RP2743 on Discord to see how we will proceed.