Retroactive Backer Distribution Proposal #4 (Same as #3 with ammendment)

All of the loans so far operate the same way as the Cauris pool. They all have monthly interest repayments with principal being paid at the end. So everyone is the same in that regard. And then I was saying that due to the “Theoretical Liquidity Mining” portion, the Backers who were in the longer pools (3 years, for example) end up generating more GFI rewards, because they generate more overall interest. So really the thing you’re talking about is taking into account, I believe. Unless I’m not quite understanding what you’re saying.

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This proposal was discussed and given a preliminary soft approval by the Governance Council on January 24, 2022.

Link to the snapshot vote: Snapshot.


whats next?
scripting contract?

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any eta on gettin the tokens airdropped? thx


@Igor has already put up a PR getting things started. And some others from the Warbler team are also working on it. I can’t say exactly when, but pretty soon. Hopefully within a week-ish? We’ll obviously keep the community posted as this is really high priority.


@blakewest We’re ready to complete that theme and merge!

In case people didn’t see it in the Discord, the airdrop for Backers is now live!

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