Early Backer Rewards

Also I have just seen the liberal rewards given to flight academy. 10k participants…and a middle tier earned the person 2.5k GFI, is frankly ludicrous.

So someone who ticked a few boxes got (10k participants rewarded in flight academy, but how many UNIQUE BACKERS maybe ~500?) more then a backer who participated in the protocol.

Any backer who contributed any dollar value should be rewarded more then a ‘flight academy’ who did not contribute to the protocol…simple logic

It is nonsensical how liberal flight academy rewards have been given. Backers then senior LPs then flight academy last should be the order. Reward users who support and USE the protocol, but instead discord anons who have no kyc and left after the flight academy was over (i posted multiple times about this in the discord) get more? Massive overhaul of rewards needed now


Yes Flight academy rewards are ridiculously high for spamming discord and memes… i dont understand this move at all. Yet people that are locked for years get this unfair treatment.


It was a russian influencer why 3/4 of flight academy people came to the discord, i bet they already left after gettin those juicy rewards. I cant blame them of course, it was teams choice to treat them better than early backers.


Hey all! Excited to see the community discussion here on this point. I always fully assumed there would be a retroactive airdrop for Backers as well as on-going Backer liquidity mining very soon after launch (it’s why those contracts are already deployed and live!). In hindsight, we should have done it at launch time, but let’s fix that mistake and get it out ASAP.
We also want to explain to the community how the currently deployed Backer Liquidity Mining works, as well as give a specific proposal about the retroactive airdrop for Backers. We’re working on a full post for all that, and will have it soon!


Should early backers (almavest 1) have any advantage over almavest 4 backers lets say, like shorter vesting? Just wondering.

Thankyou Blakewest for acknowledging why we are upset and feel hard done by. We all had the choice to join the Senior pool or flight club but joined the backer pools for more GFI rewards as it is the most risky even though our liquidity is locked up for years. This shows our belief and trust in the protocol and yourselves.

Since you have not finished the proposal for the retroactive airdrop for backers I really hope and am requesting if you can please include Almavest Pool 5 as no rewards have been handed out yet to the backers. It is only fair as all liquidity is locked up for 3 years unlike the senior pool and we have shown long term belief in Goldfinch.

We really feel that percentage wise we should be receiving a greater amount than the senior pool as well as the flight academy as our risk/reward is much higher especially if you consider backers to be the backbone of the protocol and would like to lock up more funds from future backers.

I hope you have taken all of our messages into consideration up above and we look forward to your specific proposal on a retroactive airdrop for early backers as well as the backer liquidity mining.

Please know we are invested for the long term hence why we felt comfortable with locking up funds for so long under first line risk.

We appreciate your response and look forward to your proposal. If there are any issues we will communicate with yourself.



Exactly - sad to see, and it was obvious. After the academy finished the general chat was empty -would love to see the stats of how many from flight academy then contributed to a backer pool…

I am happy to see blake acknowledge the concerns, however I do feel upset that those who literally have not participated properly in the project and disappeared will have been rewarded. Hope a solution can be found…something along the lines of people who created a UID and then a further subset who contributed (Actually used what the project has built) to the backer pool, as weighted moreso then any other group rewarded

I joined in May the discord…participated in an early call with Andrew back then, contributed to senior + backer pools, didnt do flight academy - for reference, so would like to think I have a leg to stand on


did they really think most of the flight academy peepz will stick around? the rewards for that just hurt me.


Here’s the team’s clarification on the matter

It’s not a year. It’s three years, but it’s not common sense that the reward is less and slower

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I fully support option 1. Backers being treated unfairly needs to be fixed

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I totally agree with the proposal. I would vote for option 1.

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I support option 1. And plz get the deadlines for the voting and action.As I can see in chats, there are a lot of people who passed the tasks for all modules, lended usdc, but had less amount of rewards than others