GIP-37: New Community Management

I would support this proposal and vote “Yes”. Community management is very important for any protocol. Being always available and able to answer technical questions are time consuming and requires community managers to keep upgrading their knowledge. So, compensating them appropriately makes total sense to me.

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Hi all. I am a community and marketing lead at Fuji Finance. Before, I used to worked at the Morpho and Angle protocols. I first learned about the Goldfinch protocol in the summer of 2021 and was the liquidity provider for the first pool. On the one hand, being an ordinary member of the Goldfinch community, I can note the high level of professionalism of the RP team. Always open and friendly, as well as helping the community. On the other hand, as a professional in the blockchain industry, I have always looked to this team as one of the role models. In addition, I have experience of cooperation with the guys in the framework of joint projects in Fuji Finance. Among other things, it should be noted that my background in “real life” is law and finance, so it is always a pleasure to speak the same language with RP’s team.
I believe that only professional financiers and economists are able to successfully carry out community management of such a large-scale project as Goldfinch. Thus, all of the above factors clearly indicate the need to support the RP team, with the establishment of their proposed compensation amount.


@Liquidus @rbrb @CVN @GodMode @bakasa @viskar71 @JeremyKim @ValJean @velvetdoctor @PragueBrewer @Metatron @sodacowboy many-many thanks for your outgoing support! We are moving this proposal to the snapshot now!


Hey builders! If anyone of the DAO contributors want to add a quote/comment to the article, please PM me.


Wow, many thanks for sharing this! @DAOTimes


Thanks for sharing this article @DAOTimes - appreciate the heads up and to see how Goldfinch is on the radar for other DAO publications like yours!

If you need a community quote, I would suggest sourcing one.some of the quotes above that supported this proposal and why they backed it. It’s awesome to see how active our community continues to be :hugs:


Council has approved the proposal

Hello. It’s my first time on the forum. I think it’s a good idea to create such a pordal for Goldfinch. Thank you.
Good luck.:ok_hand:

What you create and offer to the crypto market is worthy of attention. Therefore, it will be an honor for many to work in your team. I will happily support this vote. I fully support high wages, people will be more motivated.

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I fully support it, it is an honor to work for goldfinch. And for this they offer a decent salary. Good work should pay well) I wish success to those who joined the team.

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