Implement the GFI Stacking Mechanism

Implement a GFI steaking option for additional GFI’s, directly on the Goldfinch site. Since this protocol works on the Ethereum network, there are a number of problems with constant input and output. This vote calls for the development of a shaking mechanism that does not require a fee (that is, a person with GFI on the site can quickly and easily use GFI to shake and profit)

Implement the ability to stack existing GFI’s on an account without additional transactions and directly on the site.

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  • No

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Hi @Assastim, just reminding you that the governance guide is to be followed when posting the proposal. Here - Goldfinch Governance Guide V1

Hi Assastim,

This topic will be locked for now, as it does not follow the format of the proposals. It will be unlocked once you follow the format of the proposal linked by mans9841.