[CLOSED] Using the token

I suggest we do this. For everyone who wants to contribute from $ 1000 to the senior pool, they must purchase tokens for $ 100. it is the amount in dollars and not in tokens. that is, at today’s rate of $ 8.28, it will be 12.077 gfi. if the exchange rate is $ 10 tomorrow, then you will need to have 10 gfi tokens. and when it was output, it worked in the opposite direction in exactly the same way. in fact, another pool of liquidity. I think this will improve the economy of goldfinch. I apologize for the poor translation. I think the essence is clear.

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This feels kind of too expensive if we include Ethereum gas fees, especially if we get GFI on Uniswap.


thanks for the proposal.
I’m not sure what it accomplishes buying the token for 100$ - can you clarify.
I do not see any value add based on what I see here so far.