Publish a roadmap for 2022

  • Authors : dnfltv

  • Summary : It’s hard to make a good governance proposal, since we don’t know the next steps of the team. To give a wise ideas to community, we as members need to understand closest milestones of protocol development.

  • Motivation : Roadmap is not yet published and the project we have now is still far away in it’s cultivation from the one described in the roadmap. With the launch of governance tokens and governance mechanisms, community still don’t have enough input data to think about the future of protocol and is stuck in discussions of airdrop unfairness.

  • Specification & Requirements : Having a good described roadmap would give community the idea of how the protocol would be evolving in the next months.
    A good tool to describe an easy-to-read roadmap is Notion. It offers a very simple way to update and show the current state of development.
    I’ve found some good examples in couple of popular developing crypto projects:
    Parallel Finance - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
    Manta Network - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  • Benefits : Having a roadmap would encourage token holders to participate in governance: propose improvements and discuss the priority of features development.

  • Downside : Personally, I don’t see any disadvantages.

  • Voting :
    I found that it’s impossible to create a snapshot vote, since it doesn’t recognize GFI tokens in the wallet, but here is a forum vote:

  • Publish roadmap for 2022
  • Don’t publish roadmap for 2022

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Hey there,

Curious to hear about creating a Snapshot vote: you must hold 10 GFI to create a Snapshot vote. Was that the case, and did building a Snapshot vote still not work?

Sure, I had all the unlocked GFI at that moment in my wallet.

Do you think you can attach a screenshot of what you see on Snapshot, if you don’t mind?
This will be helpful in making sure that Snapshot works for everyone.


Sure. I’m keeping all of my tokens and specially left 10 GFI in this wallet for Snapshot.
I’ve set the correct network, connected the wallet, joined the group, filled all the fields, but ‘Quadratic voting’ and ‘Finish date’ selects are disabled as well as ‘Publish’ button.
And apologies if I act incorrect in some way. This is my first time participation in governance activities.

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The ‘Quadratic voting’ and ‘Finish date’ selects are meant to be disabled. Can you please try to publish your voting one more?

Tried again. Same. Do I have to own an UID? I don’t have one, but UI doesn’t say it’s a cause.

Hi. I’m not sure this qualifies as a valid proposal since it doesn’t relate to anything on-chain or to meta-governance really. Also, who exactly will be drafting the roadmap is not addressed. Regardless, I totally agree with the original poster that there is a need for a vision / roadmap. Per this request, the Warbler team is currently drafting a roadmap that will be submitted as a governance proposal for the community to discuss and vote on. The proposal should be published within the next couple weeks.