Stratos technical changes to support re-finance and Warbler Backstop

In order to maximize onchain recovery for both Junior backers and senior pool participants as quickly as possible, we’ll be making a few changes as approved upon in GIP-59 for the Stratos pool, to accommodate the update that Stratos shared yesterday.

What technical changes will occur?

  • Smart Contract deploy to a new Stratos CreditLine (currently 0x1C131e27d05b8e20c21d187dba91C15554d2eecB)
    • Set all principal due to “now”
  • AdminOnly calls to set the new creditline address Stratos TranchedPool (0x00c27fc71b159a346e179b4a1608a0865e8a7470)

When will the Stratos Pool senior capital get repaid?

  • Per the Secured U.S. Fintech Yield Pool - Update, $13.04 million will be repaid to the Stratos pool which will all go to Senior Pool principal.
  • ~$2.96m will be repaid to the Stratos pool from Warbler Labs’ backstop which will all go to Senior Pool
  • Targeting full repayment of ~$16m for the Senior Pool on December 22
  • Reminder: The next withdraw queue distribution is December 28th, 2023

When will Stratos Pool backer capital get repaid?

  • Warbler Labs backstop for the backers losses related to REZI and POKT USDC funds will be available for claim on the Goldfinch Dapp on the individual pool page after engineering efforts
  • Targeting completion by mid January for backers to claim
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