Sybil resistance voting to enable safe quadratic voting or other mechanisms

Dear all,

I was wondering if you guys have a need for 1-person-1-vote protection against sybil attacks. This allows you to have proper quadratic voting. I saw on snapshot that you used quadratic voting in the past, which is susceptible to sybil attacks. While quadratic voting is the better voting strategy, you need to protect against sybil attacks and bots.

If you agree, I would be curious to hear your feedback on a project I’m working on. At you can get a solution which does not require showing anyone your passport nor does it cost you anything. You can simply log in to your crypto exchange, after which a proof of the fact that you went through KYC at that platform is saved. Then you can use our snapshot strategy which guarantees sybil & bot resistance. Looking forward to your feedback!

Hey, sybil resistance is indeed key. To accomplish this today, the Goldfinch community uses UID, which is a non-transferrable NFT for identity that represents the fact that you’ve been KYC’d. It’s provided by Warbler Labs. Pretty happy with it so far, so don’t think we have a need for this right now, but the general idea of what you’re building seems reasonable, and perhaps other DAO’s would want it.

Cool to hear you have found a solution in Warbler Labs thanks for the feedback. I would be wondering if there was a lot of push back by the community by this KYC procedure as it was maybe too invasive? So if you hear of other projects looking for sybil resistance without heavy KYC procedures would truly appreciate it if you can forward our name :slight_smile: