GIP-21 Naming the Secondary Market Place

Authors : @pyeung

Summary :

We’re moving ahead with the [GIP-15: Secondary Marketplace for Borrower Pool Positions ] proposal and need the community’s help in choosing a name.

Motivation :

Our long-term vision for this secondary marketplace is to include other assets in addition to the Goldfinch backer position NFTs. Since this marketplace will be run by the community, we believe the community should come up with its name

We propose staying within the bird family, so we don’t end up in a boaty mcboatface situation.

Specification & Requirements :

  • Vote on one of the following domain names:


Benefits :

New marketplace name separate from Goldfinch that the community decides on.

Downside :


Voting :

“Option 1” :
“Option 2” :
“Option 3” :

Resources : GIP-15: Secondary Marketplace for Borrower Pool Positions

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I like “Option 3” :

1 Like is great. simple and non-aggressive


Thanks for the feedback!

Welcome to the community and thanks for your input and rationale :slightly_smiling_face:

I like “”

I vote for option 1:

I would prefer Simple and easy! Macaw is tough to remember and heron sounds like heroin. So obviously no!

I vote for Option 1 -

I like “”

I’ll vote for opt. 1

Option 1 - has the majority of votes here on the forum. Hence, this name is chosen to be moved to the snapshot voting.

Council has approved “Option 1” : as the majority voted for it.