GIP-22: add Barracuda's link-in-bio product to the Goldfinch community

Authors: @sodacowboy @RP2743

Add Barracuda’s «link-in-bio/official links» product (Goldfinch - Links | Barracuda) to the Goldfinch community building/growth/marketing team’s tool belt for use within Goldfinch’s Twitter bio and in other situations where it is useful to direct visitors to an easily customizable landing page

Improving the user experience of new and existing community members can help our community grow and prosper. A prospective community member’s first click from social media onto a piece of digital “Goldfinch real estate” is incredibly powerful and it’s important for our community to capitalize on those clicks as effectively as possible. Barracuda offers a link-in-bio solution, similar to Linktree but built for DAOs and NFT communities and not Instagram influencers. It’s free, fully customizable, and super-powered by web3 integrations, including a Snapshot governance widget and wallet-based sign-in. It gives Goldfinch the tools necessary to make any new user’s first click incredibly valuable!

Barracuda’s Cuda pages give Goldfinch the power and flexibility to build highly branded and optimized landing pages–without needing to make any edits to the Goldfinch website. Cuda’s are easy to edit (you can add a new link in seconds) and can be easily managed by multiple teammates.

As a community, Goldfinch may, just for example, want to call attention to an active governance proposal or a community engagement survey. Instead of inserting an entirely new link to the Twitter bio, team members could simply position the Snapshot widget at the top of the Cuda page or add a new “highlighted” link to the page!

The community is also free to build secondary pages, perhaps for an event or special initiative, in order to further benefit from the flexibility and functionality of Cuda pages.

At the end of the day, the core benefit of Cuda pages for the Goldfinch community is as a flexible tool for community members (new and old) to refer to as a trusted place for links. Cuda pages offer Goldfinch an excellent “front door” to the community.

Risk mitigation:
The Barracuda team ( is a fully doxxed, venture-backed, corporation based in the United States. The team has very specific procedures around how they interact with users and third parties, especially once users have adopted a page.

While the community can grant access to the account to whomever it chooses, best practices dictate keeping the number of editors and admins small, as there is power in having access to a trusted links page.

Hence, at the beginning we suggest granting access to the team of 4 community members: @RP2743 (Community Manager #1), @parallacs (Community Manager #2), @mnelson_solidarity (Head of Content at WL) and @poy (Head of Community at WL)

Once the team has access to the page it has full access to change/customize everything. They can break down team member permissions on an “editor” vs “admin” basis so that the team can restrict a team member’s ability to add new members. (Editors have the ability to update the content of the page, but cannot manage who has access to the page. Admins have full access to update content and add/remove teammates, as well as modify team members’ roles.) Once the team takes over the page, Barracuda ceases to change/update links and the responsibility is 100% on the Goldfinch team.

Barracuda is actively building new (paid) products that will sit alongside Cuda pages. They also may add additional premium features (on top of the functionality that already exists) at some point in the future. Regardless of whatever paid features the Barracuda team launches, the current Cuda product will remain free for the Goldfinch community.

Downside: None


“Yes” means use Goldfinch - Links | Barracuda «link-in-bio» product within Goldfinch official account on Twitter.

“No” means no action taken



I support this proposal. It would be nice to have an easy tool for visitors to the Goldfinch Twitter to get more resources, and I like that this was built by another web3-native company. @RP2743 gave a lot of care to ensuring this tool has security checkpoints in place and is customizable based on Goldfinch’s needs.


This proposal will really help enhance UI elements of interacting with Goldfinch by improving its overall functionality, so fully support Barracuda’s product addition and GIP-22 as a whole.

// Yes.

I like the product that Barracuda makes and after reviewing the security aspects, I fully support the proposal.

I think this feature will be useful for our community, so I vote “Yes”

howdy friends! As one of the co-authors of the proposal, I’m obviously in favor of the proposal, so I just wanted to take a second to thank those who’ve chimed in and say that I’m really excited to see the community getting behind this.

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