GIP-37: New Community Management

Authors: parallacs, RP


This is the proposal for an ongoing community management team structure outlining their roles, responsibilities and compensation. Below is a detailed description of how we define the members of the community management team who will have specific roles and success metrics.


With the expiration of the authority of current Community Management members on November 15, 2022, whose terms of reference were given to them after approval by Council the successful vote on GIP-17: New Community Management, Roles and Backpay (#2) proposal we propose an updated Community Management structure that will help further to achieve the goals outlined in the GIP-06 Proposed Goldfinch Roadmap and any subsequent initiatives by the community.

Specification & Requirements

Key Requirements

Optimal community management structure that is aligned to the protocol needs of high-level community management, governance, answering technical questions related with the protocol and global debt capital markets, reporting, among others.


Estimated Stats of Community (as of December, 2022)

Discord Members: ~40k

Twitter Followers: 50k+

Language Discord Telegram
Russian 10k+ ~2k
English ~6k ~5k
Ukrainian ~5k <50

Other language channels in discord or telegram have too low participation to count.

New Community Management

We propose the following roles based on the statistics above as well as our interactions with community members. Each role has an owner, a set of duties and responsibilities, and expected hours. Members of the new community management structure are required to engage in asynchronous communication in Discord and meet once a week to discuss topics and action items related to community management. All of the proposed candidates for the roles have proven their dedication and involvement in the project with a proven track record of timely and knowledgeable support. In addition, all of the candidates have shown great interest in becoming part of the DAO, and putting together this third proposal up for voting.

Term of authority: 3 months.

Roles: Community Manager, Community Moderator

Role description

Community Manager

Owners: parallacs, RP

Estimated hours per week: 7 hours for parallacs, 15 hours for RP

Responsibilities and Impact:

  1. Supporting and Evangelizing Goldfinch: responding to questions about Goldfinch in Discord Server of ~40k within 30 mins during working hours M-F and casual monitoring on the weekends so that every community member is welcomed and gets the help they seek.
  2. Designing engagement initiatives for Goldfinch:
  • Working closely with other community stakeholders to provide feedback on their suggestions for community engagement and help with execution (eg. Virtual events and AMAs);
  • Creating and describing engagement processes and coordinating their implementation using various tools (e.g. Notion);
  • Keeping track of all Community Management tasks.
  1. Evaluation of the activity Community Managers and Community Moderators according to success metrics for the period. Will share this one week before the expected payment for the work of Community Management.
  2. Encouraging Governance activity by interacting with and providing feedback on governance proposals first in Discord and then on Execution and tracking of governance proposals.
    Success metrics: analyzing and commenting on each proposal submitted to the governance discussion in early stages and as it progresses. Timely promotion and communication of each stage of governance proposal (within 1 hour).
  3. Running election cycle for next Community Management cohort.
    Success metrics: three weeks before the end of the current Community Management cohort authority drafting a new proposal for Community Management and proposing candidates for a vote.
  4. Connecting community members on Discord with each other, and those responsible for specific support or partnership opportunities.
    Success metrics: worked with community members to comment and draft over 10 proposals during the previous authority period.
  5. Proposal tracking: keeping a public tracker that enlists all past proposals and their status.
    Success metrics: updating of public tracker within 30 minutes of receiving information about changes in the status of proposals.
  6. Updating general news and announcements - eg. about governance proposals in the #proposal-announcement channel on Discord or roadmap updates.
    Success metrics: updating within 30 minutes of receiving information about changes in the status of proposals.
  7. Updating Snapshot to reflect when governance proposals go live.
  8. Manage discord server, bots, channels, etc. as necessary.
  9. Community management to meet in weekly 60 - 90 minute syncs to discuss issues / surface community pain points.
  10. Misc. tasks as determined and agreed on by the Community Management. eg identifying community members to participate in research, participating and promoting events.

Community Moderator

Owners: mcegor13, Eloquent

Estimated hours per week each: 7 hours

Responsibilities and Impact:

  1. Follow the Goldfinch server rules on Discord and Telegram channels of Goldfinch according to the moderation rules, rules in Goldfinch Discord server and the rules in the Telegram channels, if such rules are announced in them.
  2. Leave no question unanswered in Discord (within 60 min during working hours M-F), and flagging responsible subject matter experts for the relevant areas through DM in Discord or in the Community Management channels if a Moderator cannot respond to specific questions.
  3. Welcoming individuals in the #introduce-yourself channel in Discord and answering protocol related and other questions in the #support, #discussion and when possible other categories in Discord.
  4. Supporting community members in #proposal-ideas channel on Discord to form a group, author, and push forward proposals.
    Success metrics:
  • Moderation and responding to 150+ messages a month in #generаl and other channels in discord + in TG;
  • Responding within 60 min during hours of work M-F.
  1. Interacting with / providing feedback on governance proposals on
    Success metrics: analyzing and commenting on each proposal submitted to the governance discussion.
  2. Translating announcements in the Discord servers to respective language channels in the Goldfinch Discord, especially around big launches / community events. Translation of Goldfinch articles / Tweets in local language channels i.e. localized Goldfinch Medium or Twitter. This should only be done if a) the community is large enough; b) the platforms used are popular in the said location.
    Success metrics: within two hours of receiving the information for translation (depending on the complexity of the translation).
  3. Community management to meet in weekly 60 - 90 minute syncs to discuss issues / surfacing community FAQs to the rest of the Community Management.
  4. Misc. tasks as determined and agreed on by the Community Management.

About Community Management Members:

Eloquent - I’m an economist involved in research in fields of strategic management and marketing, advised brands on media planning during the last 3 years. I’ve been in Goldfinch since the beginning of Flight Academy, which I’m lucky enough to be a contributor and help a lot of great participants figure out how to work on this project. During my time at Goldfinch, I’ve studied the protocol and needs of our community, so I know where to begin to build a truly international and professional community. Will be glad to continue my work with you!

mcegor13 - This is Egor. I started actively participating in the Goldfinch protocol in September 2021 during the Flight Academy. While participating in the Flight Academy, I was able not only to understand the mechanics of the protocol but also actively helped manage the community as a Contributor. My interests also include research, investment, and active participation in DeFi and Web 3.0 related projects.

parallacs - This is Ian. I have been involved in the Goldfinch project for a long time as Community Manager during and after Flight Academy.I have a master’s degree in economics, and of course the goal of the Goldfinch project is very interesting for me from a professional point of view. I like the vision of the protocol expressed in the Goldfinch Roadmap and I would like to keep on working toward those goals of moving all private debt to the chain. “The whole multi-trillion dollar market of it… Goldfinch will be that protocol” ©

RP2743 - This is Robert. Serving as Community Manager in the very best interests of the community, I have been involved in the GoldFinch Protocol since the Flight Academy. I also have real-life experience and a proven track record in finance and general management. I have always been exposed to other cultures and diversity either through learning new languages or through traveling and working across the globe.

Compensation for New Community Management

The compensation of each Community Management member has one component - USDC. Each member has a basic rate per month.

We propose the following USDC hourly rate - $41,75 for Community Manager and $36,75 for Community Moderator. The number, hours, and wage is decided based on the current community stats as mentioned above. We are also influenced by guidelines from the previous proposal. The hourly rate increased by $1,75 per management member comparing to the previous proposal because we excluded GFI and added the GFI equivalent in USDC. The proposed wage structure for each role is detailed in the sheet.

For compensating members of new community management, we request budget for 3 months of 19 200 USDC to be transferred from protocol reserves/treasury to community management multisig. We propose the following members in the 4 multisig - taylor, parallacs, RP, Po On.

We propose to make the payment twice, 50% USDC within the first month and 50% USDC within the 3rd month. And the second payment is only to be done if responsibilities are adequately fulfilled, as determined by the members in the multisig. We also believe that renewal of community management mandate should be made possible, but the community management most likely coming up with another proposal before the end of the 3-months term, justifying the case for renewal and with or without changes as necessary.

Backpay for previous community management members

Backpay is calculated according to the previous proposal and the sheet for the period from November 16, 2022 until December 31, 2022 (a month and a half). Here’s a calculation of backpay for a month and a half.

Budget Summary

New community management compensation: 19 200 USDC

Backpay: 11 272 USDC + 546 GFI

Total to transfer to multisig: 30 472 USDC + 546 GFI


  • The selected Community Management are self-empowered and sufficient to collaborate in a ‘flat structure’ with community;
  • Community is financially compensated for the work they are putting in the form of USDC;
  • Community Management becomes the voice of the community and surfaces complaints.

Drawbacks and Risks

We see no drawbacks in having an optimal Community Management structure and paying previous community management members for the completed effort.


“YES” - Approve the New Community Management mandate

“NO” - Don’t approve


Announcement of approval of the previous Community Management proposal

GIP-17: New Community Management, Roles and Backpay (#2)

GIP-06 Proposed Goldfinch Roadmap

Backpay (1st cohort)

Goldfinch Governance

Goldfinch Discord server rules

Public tracker

Proposal Payment

Backpay (2nd cohort)


20k$ dollars a month? on 4x? Really?ready to work 1 for four for $ 10k per month

are the salaries of oil managers here? I’m against it! you can hire two, three, four, five people, everyone will have 15, 10, 7, 6 working days a month for $ 100 each and that 3k $ instead of 10-20k$! the rest of the money should be sent to membership payments

Good afternoon! 19200 for three months for all CM :eyes:… This spreadsheet provides an explanation.

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Gasfinchoil LTD. I propose to reduce costs at least twice, I consider it impractical, and even sabotage, to pay for moderating at such a rate. after how long will the protocol be bent with such salaries for moderators? the remaining half should be sent to the marking, to the treasury. and from this treasury to buy a token on the market. add liquidity


I saw you posted a proposal that better fits as part of this discussion within the GIP-37 comments.

Let’s keep the discussion about the Community Management here.

Open to everyone’s inputs here to find the best path forward.

Thank you!

Are industry insights available on what the usual rates are for protocol moderation? In any case I believe encouraging the community to be involved is a critical task where we need reliable people to do the job, even when it is a substantial investment.


logged in under another new account. not very smart. two people can be reduced. they are more like multiaccounts. do not participate in the protocol. all multiaks were rigidly screened out at the academy stage, so why should the protocol pay people for nothing? all managers received their reward in the form of an airdrop. and now they have stuck to the protocol and want to receive money on a regular basis for nothing.

This proposal is more than fair. The community managers & mods of this community are excellent and much of their work goes unseen. They work long hours and deal with a lot of headaches. This proposal should pass with flying colors. I vote yes.


To moderate and manage a community, you need to know all the intricacies of the protocol and keep your knowledge up to date.
I think the payroll is quite adequate for the crypto space.
And I take the criticism of some individual community members as envy.
I support the proposal and my vote is “YES”


@Metatron and @sodacowboy thanks for your support!


I’ve known these guys for a long time, and their competence is unquestionable. So, I think these are adequate numbers for crypto industry


I worked with these guys and I can tell you that they are very conscientious and very competent.
Being a moderator or a community manager in Goldfinch is not so easy. You have to know the project in detail, well, everything about the cryptocurrency and all the updates of similar projects. And unfortunately nobody teaches this anywhere, it comes with experience and daily research.
Based on this, I can say with confidence that it is impossible to find someone more competent and responsible than these guys.
I support this proposal and vote YES!



I have been in Goldfinch since before their academy. I support this proposal, these people have been working for over a year, haven’t noticed any negative things. I think the pay is fully in line with market conditions at the moment


I watch for Goldfinch community since early stages and had shouted out during Flight Academy. Community management has evolved more than I expected in this time and current stack of people provides high-level and competent support so this GIP has my full support and my vote is “YES”.


For a bear market, the community is developing very well. Events with Mygateway, Crew3, regular AMA sessions, and high-quality support on Discord and Telegram. These guys are doing a great job, so let’s let them continue their work. I vote “Yes”


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Excellent moderators attract new people to the protocol). unfortunately, I’m the only one who understands that you can’t throw money to the right and to the left. and this only harms the protocol. if the company (protocol) does not seek profit, then who will be interested in it?

I will vote yes.

I think what sets GF apart from other RWA DeFi platforms is how engaged the community is with the platform, and a big part of that is the work of the community managers and moderators.

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Too bad for this community

I wanted to express my support for the mod team’s proposed compensation package, which is not only within industry standard, but also reflective of their excellent work and extensive knowledge of the protocol. In my experience, the team has consistently demonstrated their expertise and has been prompt in addressing any concerns that have arisen.

I have no doubt that the mod team will continue to be a valuable asset to our organization, and I fully support their proposed compensation.

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