Rules for reviewing flight academy appeals

Authors : Magican

Summary :

Goldfinch should approve some rules for reviewing flight academy appeals.

Motivation :

At this time, the flight academy’s appeals review rules have not been approved.

Specification & Requirements :

I propose to approve some ground rules for appellate review that will be applied in drafting and approving the final proposal.

1. In the case of a positive decision on an appeal by a participant, raise the Tier by a maximum of one Tier from the current one.

Rationale: the criteria for the flight academy test are very vague and it is almost impossible to develop them at this time. If Proposal 1 is adopted, there will be a clear understanding of what level to raise a participant’s Tier to, making it as easy as possible to review the work and asking the reviewers yes or no. Many participants overestimate their contributions and skills. Raising the result by one Tier is a significant reward.

2. Do not accept appeals of flight academy participants to review who have been disqualified according to the rules of the flight academy.

Rationale: This is a review of flight academy results, not disqualifications. If you were disqualified, then you don’t have a result. Disqualified participants wrote an appeal “for luck”.

3. Check the results of the appeals in the same way that the team checked (let it remain known only to the team).

Rationale: It is not advisable to establish and develop new methods, because they already exist.

  1. Do not involve members of the community in appeals. We all trust the Community Moderator. To ensure fairness, any of them can be involved in the review.

Justification: to avoid negative attitudes and promotion of your work by the community.

  1. Not disqualified participants of the flying academy to include in a separate group for the subsequent adoption of a separate proposal for them.

Rationale: honestly deserving their award participants should receive it.

Benefits :

Adoption of this proposal will help close the issue of appeals review, and the community can focus on discussions of protocol improvements and other positive suggestions.

Academy participants will be rewarded if they deserve it.

Downside :

Negative sentiments of overestimated participants in the project. Negative sentiments of disqualified participants.


Yes Vote:

The following rules are approved for inclusion in the appeal review proposal:

  1. If a participant’s appeal is successful, raise the Tier by a maximum of one level from the current Tier.

  2. Not accept appeals of Flight Academy participants for review who have been disqualified under the rules of the Flight Academy.

  1. Review appeals in the same manner as the team reviewed them.
  1. Do not involve community members in the verification of appeals. Involve members of the Community Moderator group in the verification.

  2. Not disqualified participants of the flying academy to include in a separate group for the subsequent adoption of a separate proposal for them.

No Vote :

The rules for making a final offer of appeal review are not accepted.


Asd I can see, there si no rules. I would suggest to write exact rules:

  1. Double check all appeals
  2. I all tests where passed, tier 5
  3. If all assesments where done, tier 4
  4. If all reviews where done, tier 4
  5. USDC Lended, tier 3

The form to make an appeal should consist of direct links to every module, extra tsks, for better searchign