Contributors withdrawn before December 14th, They are not traitors

Authors : inkl

They have already contributed to the growth of Goldfinch.
They are already well-deserving of rewards.
However, there is a slight penalty for escaping.

Early senior pool contributors should be compensated for the risk they took and work they did.

Specification & Requirements

  • Who gets rewarded
    Deposited USDC to the senior pool after 2020.12.02 and held less than 1 FIDU at the time of 2021.12.14 snapshot

  • How are the rewards calculated?
    Retention period after depositing USDC * Amount / 378 (2020.12.02 ~ 2021.12.14(first deposit ~ snapshot)) * 1.5

2021.01.01 : 10,000 USDC deposit
2021.01.31 : 10,000 USDC withdrawal
300,000 / 378 * 1.5 = 1,190.47 GFI

Early contributors are happy.
The goldfinch team doesn’t feel bad.
More active governance voting

GFI price down


“Yes” - Recognize their contributions and reward them.
“No” - Their contribution doesn’t matter. My GFI matters. Don’t reward them.

Looking forward to more suggestions and rebuttals.

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Yes - I think it’s a fair decision and they deserve a reward for their support and risk.

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“Specification & Requirements” is difficult.
do you have an opinion?

Yes. I’m support an proposal

Yes, i am agree. Thanks for proposal