Retroactive Senior Pool LP Distribution

Author: stuxnet#8843

Goldfinch should also reward the senior pool liquidity providers who withdrew from the pool before December 14th.

Goldfinch is a great project and every supporter of the project is well aware of its potential. A lot of people provided liquidity in the senior pool and received rewards for their actions because they have supported the project at its early stage. But a lot of people also missed out on the rewards because they withdrew their liquidity before Dec 14th. But withdrawal from the pool doesn’t negate the fact that they are also early supporters on the project. Just like other LPs, they have also incurred heavy gas on their transactions.

Team has rewarded those who were holding FIDU in their wallet on Dec 14th and team is also rewarding those who are staking FIDU as of now, but what about those who have held large sums of FIDU for months but withdrew it before Dec 14th because of some emergency or any personal reason. Leaving these set of people out of the reward pool is very unfair and unjust. Their contribution have not been considered anywhere.
Also, its not about whether people contributed to the pool for APYs or airdrop, its just that if you are rewarding the community, do it in such a manner that it is fair and equal for everybody. Yes, the team has all the right to decide on the criterions for the airdrop but again, it should be done in fair and just manner.

Specification & Requirements
This needs to be figured out by the Goldfinch team.

Doing what is right and fair to the community can reap long term benefits by building trust between the team and the community members.

No real downsides except usage of the token, but if the proposal passes, then it is assumed the community believes this is a worthwhile use of the token.


“Yes” - Means rewarding the people who were left out of the reward pool due to withdrawal of liquidity before Dec 14.

“No” - Means do nothing.

P.S. : This is my first proposal and I have been very informal, if somebody from the community or the team would like to make this proposal better or would like to add more points, please contact me on discord @ stuxnet#8843.


YES - I think that is right

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YES, as I said a few times before

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YES, but with 24 month lockups


YES, Even if they were withdrawn before the snapshot, they did not change the fact that they contributed to Goldfinch’s growth. They will take a small penalty, but it deserves the reward.


YES, definitely! Agree


YES, we really need this change


Yes - I agree, but I think 50% unlock and 50% linear 2 years lockup


Yes. I sent my money to pool (4k$) Oct 1 but I have got it back Dec 1 and did not get any rewards(((


I support the author, looks like an insider’s snapshot. I advise the team to find this “rat” who told them to do exactly that and find out his multi-accounts. 100% it’s not clean, I don’t believe that the creators are so noobs.

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Yes, of course. It will be fair.
Snapshot one day - insiders from the team played for themselves.

NO.There is no point in rewarding, as a GFI Holder I am against it.

Reason 1: You put money in the pool yourself. Reason 2: you yourself withdrew money from the pool before December 14. You are the only one to blame, so in this case you should blame yourself. And demanding a reward in this case is nonsense.


YES - I think that is right

NO. sorry to disagree but it makes no sense to give free tokens and further dilute GFI to people who are not in the project for the long term and did not leave liquidity in.

It is basically asking for free money and these individuals should not be awarded as they are most likely to claim and dump the token.

so people that provided liquidity for two weeks in december are more long term than the ones providing for 3 months? ok bro

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It’s alright to disagree, but I just want to point out that if you’re a long term believer of the project, then a little dilution is not going to affect the token price much. And it’s not like new tokens need to be minted to reward new people. The same can be done through tokens in the community treasury. The whole point is to make the reward system fair. If early supporters were rewarded for providing liquidity, then people who withdrew before dec 14 were early supporters too and should be rewarded accordingly.

noone knows when the announcement comes. for example if you are staking a coin and it gets a big partnership or listing you win…but if you sold before thats on you. Dont hate the player hate the game…ok bro

I understand but where does the line get drawn? perhaps if someone provided liquidity for 3 months plus? should get a reward…but for those who deposited and withdrew within a short period no. maybe something could be strategised along these lines. but i strongly believe peoples whos funds are locked in or those who still have funds in should be rewarded more

To answer your question about where to draw the line, don’t you think it would have been better if everyone who provided liquidity before dec 14 were rewarded based on the amount and duration of staking. This way every early supporter of the project would have got some reward. And doing this would be easy too as the team just have to look at transactions before dec 14. I feel that it is just unfair to leave these people out of the rewards. It’s okay if you feel otherwise.

i suppose youre right in that sense. Could simply be a penalty but offer some kind of reward based on the time and amount staked in the pool. I see where you are coming from there, but if someone did not do the flight academy, backer pool or contribute in anyway and removed liquidity then i don’t think they have a leg to stand on.

Ill vote yes for people who have provided liquidity based on time and amount as long as they have contributed the goldfinch long term in some way right now otherwise they are not part of the protocol or community as it stands

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