Fatal mistake of Goldfinch members, need community help

I am for helping such poor people too


In fact it is a pity that you sent your coins back to the contract. Therefore, it is hoped that the team will help you.In my opinion, you should always be careful because everyone is responsible for their actions, but if their can use the “proposed ERC-223 token standart” so why not take advantage of this and not help people. WE TRUST IN GOLDFINCH! :pray: :pray:


I support you but if the team is kind to you then it will help you.


That’s just a source to some data about tokens lost this way.

I guess the team can alter the smart-contract to implement automatic “send back” function which would retain some GFI to compensate some gas fees spent by the contract itself to prevent feature overindulgence.

Another solution to prevent such mistakes in the future is to write a function to automatically forward tokens which are sent to this contract’s address to some human-controlled address for manual refund.

It would be great to share these snippets with the Ethereum community, so it would become a part of smart-contract writing culture to prevent this mistake for third-party tokens in the future and make crypto more friendly for users!


This is a great idea. Thank you for your suggestions, they are wonderful. I hope the team listens to us. :innocent:


Truly sorry some people lost GFI like this accidentally. Based on the current state - I see about 4047 GFI tokens sent back to contract. About 11 folks are impacted by this with highest being by 0x6b8a17f179234c552cb6c105e94e5224c80e2f99 for about 1001 GFI.
I’m not a smart contracts expert - so take it with a grain of salt. As much as I sympathize the loss and its terrible to see somebody lose it all like this - self custody also comes with its own risk (non-reversible) and I’m really not sure if team can recover them even if they want to help.
They have too many things on high priority list to work on so not really sure if its not something that is broad enough that impacts big chunk of community, they will be able to prioritize. Good luck though !!


Let’s help, develop, more activity! If everyone is in favor, we will see the attitude of the team towards the community)!

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Voting is here. Please support

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Hey all, Paz here from Discord.

This proposal needs to be clearer and follow the template before it can be passed on to Snapshot. Please see this guide for the current process on governance: Goldfinch Governance Guide V1 - #2.