GIP-60: Introduction of a Community Management multisig into the Goldfinch Council multisig

Authors: @RP2743 @parallacs

The Goldfinch community aims to further improve operational efficiency and to increase the speed of Governance procedures by introducing a Community Management multisig into the Goldfinch Council multisig

Goldfinch documentation specifies that The Goldfinch Council has been set up to execute limited types of on-chain transactions based on the community Snapshot votes. The Goldfinch Council is a 6-of-10 multisig with 10 members who represent all stakeholders of the protocol.

Goldfinch Governance Guide V1 also defines that The Governance Council should conduct a soft vote within 24 hours of a proposal being approved on the snapshot. At the same time if the council needs more time, a member of the Governance Council should submit a comment on the proposal with expected timelines for a response.

However in practice members of the Governance Council sometimes don’t manage to conduct a soft vote in due time because of other commitments which are caused by a quick development of the Protocol.

To avoid large time gaps between different steps of governance process and to let community know about the progress of a soft vote conducted by The Governance Council we propose to introduce a Community Management multisig into the Goldfinch Council multisig

Specification & Requirements:
Currently Community Management multisig has 4 members: @RP2743 , @parallacs , @poy , @ted - a combination of Goldfinch Community Managers and Warbler Labs employees. Every transaction requires interaction from at least 3 members of the multisig to be signed and approved. This mechanism provides a high level of security in case of hacks or scam attacks on a member of the multisig.

The Goldfinch Community will increase the speed of the decision making process and become better informed regarding the progress of a soft vote

We see no downside in further improving Goldfinch operational efficiency

“YES” means introducing a Community Management multisig into the Goldfinch Council multisig.
“NO” means do nothing

Goldfinch documentation
Goldfinch Governance Guide V


That would be amazing. Create a specialized multidisciplinary team. For that. It would help a lot in the Dao. In tokenomics. Liquiditu mining. Etc. and if the community is part. It is added steroids very well I support this proposal of governance

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I definitely see the merit of this proposal and the operational efficiencies it can bring about.

However, given the sensitivities we’ve seen with multisig rights especially involving other projects, I would like to know if the Warbler founders are in agreement with the proposal? In the absolute worst case, I would hate for the added multisig users and Warbler founders not being completely in sync…

If no issues based on the above, happy to lend my support for this proposal to be passed.

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Pinging @blakewest and @mikesall to comment as founders of WL.
Thank you for your comment!

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Governance procedures will go faster, and we’ve known all multisig members for a long time and can trust them. Therefore, I see no flaws here and will vote “Yes”

I vote Yes!, it will be much faster, especially since the participants have been known to us for a long time

I think the implementation of this proposal can really help improve operational efficiency. If other stakeholders are in agreement on the issue, I vote YES. I see no reason to vote against this proposal.

Hey, sorry for not replying earlier to this. I am in agreement with this proposal.


Council has approved the proposal