Governance Process: Welcome to the Goldfinch Governance Forum

Hi! Welcome to the Goldfinch Governance Forum. This is a quick overview of the process for creating and advancing Goldfinch Governance proposals. This is a living document which will be improved by the community over time. For the full process, please read the Goldfinch Governance V1 Guide. A brief outline of the process is outlined below:

  1. Generate Ideas Community Members discuss ideas in the #proposal-ideas channel in Discord. This is a “Temperature Check” equivalent.
  2. Draft the proposal → Create a proposal on this forum. It should follow the template linked here. This is another good example of a proposal drafted by the community.
  3. Post the proposal on → The proposals must be enlisted under the Proposals category.
  4. The proposal is discussed on → The community can discuss the proposal by posting comments under the proposal on gov.goldfinch.
  5. A Snapshot poll is conducted → After a week, if there is rough consensus around the proposal, the proposal is put up for a Snapshot vote, here. Each poll is live for 72 hours. The person posting the poll must hold at least 10 GFI in their wallet. Currently, quadratic voting is in place, and the votes are currently weighted by one’s balance of the GFI token. If the Snapshot poll does not have a majority in favour, then the poll fails.
  6. The Governance Council conducts a soft vote → Once the poll closes, and the votes are in favor of the proposal, the Governance Council takes 24 hours to conduct a soft vote on the process, and posts an update as a comment on the original proposal.
  7. Code is created, audited, and reviewed (Optional) → Once initial approval from the Governance Council is obtained, Engineers coordinate to build and submit the code required to enact the proposal.
  8. The Governance Council votes to enable the new code → Once the code is completed, tested, audited and deployed, it can be made ready for being enacted by the Goldfinch Council. Then, the Council votes through the Governance Multisig (here).

Before getting started, we highly encourage you to read the detailed instructions here. We also encourage you to keep the language of the content in English - we do have localized communities and support other languages on our Discord.

The Goldfinch Community