Temperature Check: Insufficient liquidity, inability to support the project

Hello everyone, I propose to discuss the issue of insufficient liquidity. At the moment, the proposed exchanges for trading are absolutely not suitable for me and many of my friends who are interested in buying $GFI. Exchanges like GATE, CoinEX, MEXC are not even close to being Tier 1. We can’t take risks and bring our money there for several reasons: lack of liquidity, low security, lack of timely support. Since I’m from Russia, I don’t have the opportunity to trade on the only Tier-1 exchange at the moment, Coinbase. I could understand in the first days why we were not listed on other exchanges, but 8 days have passed and I VERY ask you to listen and give at least some reasons why people from Russia and other countries who cannot trade on Coinbase should suffer and not be able to support a project that we have been following for the last six months? We really hope that something will change, you need to list at least one Tier-1 exchange like Binance. Thank you for your attention, I apologize for my “crooked” English.

Do you agree with the position of the author?
  • Yes, things need to change for the better. Everyone should have the right to be on an equal footing.
  • No, I am satisfied with everything as it is.
  • Other, I will write in the comments.

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The listing process on such major exchanges takes time, you should not rush things. There is still a lot of additional GFI stimulation ahead. But what will really help us clarify the situation is a detailed Roadmap for the future.

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I agree, but I would like to get a response from the team representatives.

@Goldfinch-Foundation hi, will there be any comments?