Senior Pool. Snapshot December 14

Can you please try to look at the situation from another perspective. Lets say GF wanted to reward early backers/contributors of the project which they have done by distributing tokens to the senior pool LPs and Flight academy participants. It is completely understandable that the team set a date (here Dec 14) as a threshold. So everyone who contributed to the project before this threshold date should be considered an early supporter which is completely logical. Even if someone withdraws from the pool before the date due to any personal reason (or some emergency) he/she/they are still satisfying the early supporter criterion which was, contributing to the community before the threshold date. So if the team wanted to reward early supporters and only the wallets that were holding FIDU on Dec 14th were rewarded, then this is a clear discrimination against the other wallets (also early contributors) that withdrew before Dec 14. These people have also held large sums of FIDU for months but were not lucky enough to be holding it on THE day. It is a shame that these contributions were not even considered anywhere. They are still rewarding those who are staking FIDU but didn’t consider the wallets that withdrew before Dec 14th.

Its not about whether people contributed to the pool for APYs or airdrop, its just that if you are rewarding the community, do it in such a manner that it is fair to everybody.


So there were reasons for that, do you think the team just took the decision to snapshot at random?
Perhaps, just the same, those who received and are the majority, alas, the truth can no longer be found here - unless the representatives of the team themselves speak out in this topic.

I understand your disappointment, but how stupid it will be, now to take and pour into the market a whole pack of tokens, which, judging by tokenomics and linear unlocking, should not be in the market. In the project, besides us, there are still funds that have invested their money, do you think they will be happy with this news?

As it turned out - so it happened, there is no need to turn everything over and arrange an even greater holivar.

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I think it is possible to reward all those who were left out, like the people who supplied to the borrower pools. And the team can figure out a way to do so, maybe by linear vesting as you suggested earlier or some other way. But rewarding the community who were left out, just because the team was in burden of a deadline (only possible explanation), is morally the right thing to do.

Yes, it is true that not everyone could be made happy, but in this scenario it is not a case of one or two person(s), a lot of people have missed out on rewards due to non-allocation of proper time/manpower for this stuff.

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Yes, i agree. Very sad situation with people who support Goldfinch from early.

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Fully agree with author, let’s do this

I am in this project too as you and many people from Flight Academy. A have a locked tokens and unlock tokens but… I did not sell any one yet)))) I am 4 years in cryptoindustry and for me it is not life changing money. I hold coz I am sure it will be grow))) Have a nice day!

No need to change clothes on the go, your discord messages say otherwise and people agree with my opinion.
Imagine you work in a company, before the new year you know that you will be paid a bonus for a well-worked year and then you quit the day before the new year, and after the new year you tell the employer that you should have received a bonus because you worked hard for a whole year - you are here they will send it to hell) It doesn’t work the way you want. The world is not a wish-granting factory.


It seems to me that you have not been in this industry for a long time and do not understand how it works. In many projects, the average amount and term of providing liquidity to the pool is considered. No one knew when there would be a drop and whether there would be one at all. There are projects that have been sawing something for several years. And what do you think, you need to keep money there all your life))))

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Stop, I already told you everything I thought, you completely ignore all the facts. You just cry and beg for something to be given to you.
Typical abuser and bounty hunter.


It’s sad to watch when a person has so many complexes. Have a nice day!

Hey, you’ve given your verdict on the topic already and so has many other people. Now please stop trying to impose your point on other people here and start respecting other people’s opinions too.

100%. I provided liquidity for long period and withdraw when needed money so it’s not fair for people the date of snapshot which was decided

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I absolutely support the author. Was also a liquidity provider for 3 months and got nothing. I think there was just a rat on the team who came up with a one day snapshot and took advantage of this insider information. You can’t build a big and serious project on a background like that, and it’s not fair for Real Early Adopters.

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Totally agree. I suggest airdropping tokens to early supporters, who withdraw before 14 December
I provided around 45k$ in this pool, got tier 4 in Academy and all i have now is 1500 tokens which is the same as if I only provided 2k$ of liquidity for 1 day. I suppose I am on a different level of supporting Goldfinch and I dedicated a big amount of time to it, so please review this.

I think early providers should be rewarded, but only those who had significant periods of steaking before the snapshot.
For example: those who had an uninterrupted stacking period of at least $750 for two months between pool opening and December 14, but did not stack at the time of the snapshot

Guys, it smells like discrimination! This is immoral!

This is the most dishonest airdrop I’ve ever seen. Of course, tokens must be distributed to everyone who interacted with the protocol.
Personally, I had a total of 60,000 thousand dollars on my account and on my wife’s account from September to November. We didn’t get anything but a fee for leaving the pool.
It’s just not fair.

It`s very fair proposal

I’m against it. Who withdrew money from the pool before December 14 is their problem, but not the team’s! You willingly put money in the pool, didn’t you? That’s right. What claims can there be?


I think this is the right suggestion, since depositing liquidity at the very beginning is the most risky decision and it should be rewarded, since people believed in the project and showed their trust when few others did it. I hope the team and community will appreciate it